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case of Antique faucet's outlet leaks          
2011-10-02     www.led-faucet.com

there may be several reasons of Antique faucet outlet leaking :

1. it is because antique faucet gasket wear and tear caused by the axis. Use pliers to loosen and remove the gland tied to clamp the shaft gasket removed, replaced with a new gasket to the axis.

2 tied to the lower part of the leading causes leakage gap: it is because the triangular seal gland caused by wear and tear. You can loosen the screw head and tied off, then loosen the gland removed, then remove the gland inside the triangle enclosed shop, put the new one.

3. To take over the junction leakage: generally cover nut loose, then you can re-fasten the cover nut or replaced with a new U-shaped gasket.

If there is water faucet antique fewer conditions, the situation may be leaking, because a single shot leading sealing disk stuck sand, this phenomenon is leading to qualified teacher dismantling clean up, but if it is damaged you must pad replacement. In general, the proper use of antique faucets, refers not to be leading the rotation tight, butter sub-pad can be maintained for 7-8 years leading the life, but some of the leading hot water in heating or cooling as easily reduced under its life, it is generally recommended best hot and cold sides of the pad can also be changed regularly.


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