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Description of antique copper faucet          
2011-10-04     www.led-faucet.com

Antique brass faucet body is made from the refined cooper, at first, its body will adopt high quality refined copper ingot, using the most advanced gravity casting process, the precision machinery manufacturing, natural, rugged spool using sophisticated imported ceramic spool, with a diamond-like hardness.
ceramics cartridge is  high quality, comfortable light, withstood more than 50 million times the smooth operation of the switch can still be labor-saving, durable watertight. No maintenance, no wear, anti-aging. For hard water, gravel or sand is not affected.

Finally, it's plating: it is an advanced plating process, after the acid copper, nickel, chromium multiple coatings, plating layer with good adhesion fine, uniform color, excellent corrosion resistance, ensure the surface shiny, new life time constant. Lead standards: in line with national standards for lead, no harm to human health, protect you and your family use the products without harmful metals


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