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How to choose shower faucet          
2011-10-08     www.led-faucet.com

Our lives are changing every day, for the quality of life are increasingly high requirements. With increasingly sophisticated home products deep into the home life, shower faucet home life is becoming a part can not be ignored. Now bath is not clean so simple, especially in the winter, wash comfortably hot bath to relax the pressure is released the body of the recipe. Therefore, a water comfort, environmental safety shower faucet is very important for modern people.

1, Material: perennial humid bathroom environment, which requires hardware bathroom moisture, anti-corrosion performance superior to, in order to ensure the life of the product. Now many will have been leading the surface of the chrome-plated, brass plated high purity, the better the quality, the more likely to corrode the surface plating, zinc alloy plating quality is poor, poor corrosion resistance, while the use of ABS plastic production process the price of the cheapest, plating poor quality. Users to buy ask to see the warranty card should be indicated on the relevant provisions of the faucet surface.

2, spool: the bathroom faucet, the service life of the most important addition to the surface of the material, secondly the number of its leading parts in "core" - spool. Valve connected to the faucet handle and operate water, good spool is made of ceramic with high hardness, the leading international professional standards in the industry to provide quality required by leading factory tested 50 million times before switching allow market.
Many leading high-end brand will use the Spanish track Taocifaxin track Taocifaxin Spain reflected in its high-quality water and to a variety of different temperature conditions to ensure stability control water flow and chip are not easily affected by temperature, with good wear resistance, non-toxic products used to protect the internal lubricant to make it long-lasting smooth operation control valve, adjust the water rate without noise.

3, the shower hose: hose is an important part of the shower faucet. The length of hose to be moderate, the longer the hose to hand shower provides a greater use of space. Hose also need to have some flexibility and tensile tenacity.


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