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shower faucet sort as function         
2011-10-08     www.led-faucet.com

shower faucet divided according to function: bathtub faucet and shower faucet
1, bathtub faucet:

it installs on the top side of the bathtub to open hot and cold water, Hot and cold mixer can be named as double-pipe type; open and close the structure of spiral flow lift-type, metal ball-style, ceramic valve type and so on. Is currently on the market more Taocifaxin single handle bathtub faucet. It uses a single handle to adjust temperature, easy to use; ceramic valve faucet to make more durable, watertight. Bathtub faucet with brass body and more, the appearance of a chrome, gold and other kinds of metal baking finish.
2, shower faucet:
it installs in the shower room at the top for open hot and cold mixing water. It resembles the body with brass, chrome appearance there, gold and so on. The way open and close the water screw lift, ceramic valve type and so on. Shower hose and shower faucet with shower embedded wall to the other; with special features have thermostatic mixer, with a filter device with pull-out faucet and hose to hydrants, they have different installation requirements.

                            bathtub faucet

                                                        shower faucet


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