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In-wall shower mixer         
2011-10-08     www.led-faucet.com

In-wall shower mixer Also known as embedded shower faucet, the shower faucet is just a top rain-shower and switches, it looks like more fresh by comparing with wall-mounted shower mixer which including shower heads, shower columns and compared the structure of the hose,especial it can help to save space of small bathroom and it is convenient for

bathroom's clean. But intallation of in-wall faucet due to the hose need to buried in the wall,it is not easy to replace, so it need more higher quality requirements. In addition, we recommend a small hand-held shower is requirement to facilitate the washing all parts of the body.

This paragraph Shower are using simple elegant design, durable and impermeable to water. Configuration using zinc alloy die-casting handle; single function shower faucet;

American Standard German original imported ceramic valve; all bronze body.

The so-called simplicity is not simple, which is the comment of this faucet,although the simple shape, but lack of fashion elements, even flush the shower, giving a strong sense

of comfort. In addition, its low price is another selling point.


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