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Ingenious bathroom waterfall faucet         
2011-10-06     www.led-faucet.com

there is a lot of classic in the sanitary ware, this waterfall

faucet is quite popular in recently market. Use hand to gently tap

the slender cylinder handle up wave, flashing blue-purple shiny

circular stainless steel ring, the gushing gurgling water, flowing

merrily to conchoidal glass plate, along tilt the glass edges, put

together a small river, the Pentium to jump to the sink, the

formation of touching the waterfall. The faucet was developed by

SUMERAIN company which foucus on LED faucet and waterfall faucet,

by a single lever faucet, with the origin of Stuttgart, Germany.

Design classic is real classic. Designers in the oblique

cylindrical stainless steel faucet set with mosaic glass hidden

between the outlet, breaking the previous intuitive, no cover, the

traditional water model. People feel the gushing water, but do not

see the exit. The glass plate is more groundbreaking tap water to

replace the outlet, so that in the past in the water pipes from

the closed spilled, into the first flow to a transparent carrier,

then a waterfall pouring out. The beauty of water in the form of a

small space in the fullest expression.

     When you flick the lever up when the water will be smaller,

like a gushing stream trickle, to flow slowly down the edge of the

glass plate to form a transparent thin light curtain, playing on

the water, again in a beautiful circle ripples; continue to dial

up the handle, the water will increase, as the fountain-like water

out of a Bay in the smooth glass surface to form a broad surface

of the water, another example, full steam ahead like waterfalls;

will Turn the handle to the right and left, you can choose hot or

cold water. Handle rotation angle is different from the ceramic

module is connected to the release of water will be different,

convenient and fun.


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