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How to clean the faucet in use?          
2013-08-29     www.sumerain.com

We use faucet every day, high usage frequency will cause slow water flow. The main problem is the filter blocked by scale or sand, such circumstance easy to breed bacteria. As the end of water system, faucet relates to your family health tightly. You need to clean the faucet and filter every two or three month. Demount the faucet, dip it into the white vinegar about 4 to 6hours, and then use the cloth to clean the aerator and filter, you will find almost all scale missing.

It is very important that you must use neutral cleaning agent and soft cloth to clean the faucet. Househole cleanser and lavatory cleanser contain the minerals grains, it will damage the faucet plating. Besides, you can use potato, fresh lemon and orange peel to clean faucet when you find the plating isní»t bright.


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