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history of faucet China         
2011-10-11     www.led-faucet.com

Thousand years of civilization in the water, the china faucet is an important symbol of the composition and evolution, the development of a profound impact on laundry, cooking, bathing and other aspects of home life, to enjoy human life, improve people's living standards and health an important carrier.

Before the advent of the faucet, water wall, inlaid with a kind of spring-like beast head outlet, usually made of stone, a few made of metal, "mouth water", the "mouth water" is the prototype of faucets, flow out from there The water has been flowing without any control.

The faucet is then cast in bronze, brass and later switch to a relatively cheap, with the value on the fact, there are simple and practical and beautifully decorated type, such as the use of the court before the faucet is decorative than practical. At that time, the faucet is usually made of a variety of shapes, such as snake, dragon, ram head-shaped flowers and geometric shapes or shape. This faucet, while the practical, like arts and crafts, has a certain decorative value.

Summer Palace of the Qing Dynasty first animal zodiac is a typical example, the first statue of zodiac animals, respectively, represents a day in 12 hour, every hour on time followed by water, to noon Zodiac is also water, forming a pieces of spectacular images, the type of function reflects the decorative faucet to the maximum.

Until the 1960s and 1970s, people used to faucet the evolution of iron shell, spiral lift rod, rubber gasket seal form. To reflect that era's movies and now in some remote areas, we can capture them figure vaguely, as in Stephen Chow's "Kung Fu" where we can see the image of this faucet. The disadvantage of such a large number of faucets, one is too heavy, like a big hammer; the second is likely to rust, affecting water quality; third spiral lift rod, rubber seal in use for some time, easily damaged, and waste water.

From the late 1980s began, popular ceramic seal faucets began to open to this by the European introduction of the faucet, led faucet of our revolution. Through this revolution, the traditional cast iron shell, spiral lift rod, rubber gasket seal faucet started to become history, faucets into the single-handle dual-control ceramic sealing, hot and cold water for a new era of mixed water. This faucet greatly facilitate people's lives.

In less than a decade, China has become the world's largest producer of ceramic valve faucet. Revolution is the first faucet ceramic sealing technology to overcome the dynamic sealing technology rubber dynamic innovation process. The majority of our faucet manufacturers are beneficiaries of this revolution, in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, forming a relatively complete industrial chain, industrial base, the birth of a large number of world-renowned brand of faucet.
In the 20th century, the early 21st century, according to the different faucet valve, the main use is now divided into ceramic valve core faucet, ball-type valve spool and roll axes. Common feature of these three spool is a holistic, whole valve shaft as one, easy installation and maintenance and replacement. Among them, the ceramic valve core has the advantage of low prices, less pollution, water quality, but the ceramic texture, brittle, easily broken. Stainless steel ball valve is a leading high-tech valve, especially for poor water quality areas, because it is not the impact of impurities in the water, life will not be shortened, and the ball valve handle in the regulation of water temperature The region has a larger perspective, you can accurately control the temperature, to ensure the water flow quickly and accurately, saving energy efficiency to play. Roll-axis of the handle rotating spool has the advantage of smooth, easy operation is simple, feel comfortable and relaxed, anti-aging, anti-wear.

Past two years, the industry increasingly high level of intelligence, including the sanitary industry, including intelligent surging wave, the wave of the faucet is also a founding leader 



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