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Antique faucet features          
2011-10-11     www.led-faucet.com

What is antique faucet feature:

1 .sumerain antique faucet's body uses ultra-low lead content of copper, made by pressure casting, with a high density, anti-oxidation, rust spots ,all of them will be the guaranteeing of human health, in line with international health standards. Through ISO9001: 2000 quality certification .
2 .surface layers adopt nickel and chrome plating, and by fine grinding and polishing, surface coating gloss coating is twice as common faucet, such as the new .
3 .precision ceramic valve with excellent sealing and wear resistance, more than 500,000 times to ensure trouble-free operations.
4 . the faucet outlet with bubbler, thus it will adding a large number of bubbles in the water, not only to achieve the purpose of saving water, and water becomes soft and noise reduction, do not splash.
5 .each leading factory were confirmed by hot and cold water high-pressure 12-20Kg and air a series of professional testing to ensure leak proof. And tested by more than 200 hours salt spray test, with superior corrosion resistance, light does not fade, do not wear.
6 . novel and unique, user-friendly design, imaginative and creative, bright surface appearance, giving a sense of elegant and luxurious.
7 .five-year quality guarantee.


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