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Wall mount shower faucet          
2011-10-08     www.led-faucet.com

Wall-mounted shower faucet is used  widely, the faucet and shower fix on the bracket or wall, installation is simple and easy. it can be free to shower When by hand shower , on the side of the body spray, it also has a clean, massage function; also the liberation of the hands and enjoy the fun shower.

Features: product configuration in which the use of zinc alloy die-casting handle, single-function hand shower hose metal headband, fixed shower seat, German import ceramic valve, all bronze body; shape design more affordable, traditional push-button, with a very convenient for the compact shape, suitable for smaller users to use the bathroom.

While this shower  is very common, but the sumerain still has been the subject of quality recognized by many domestic consumers, it still has a certain quality and prestige guaranteed for those who live a simple, strict family. Its affordable price, do not worry about budget overruns Problem.


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