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Twelve points for choosing led lavatory faucet         
2011-10-08     www.led-faucet.com

Please don't buy the light weighted faucet , some manufactures use a little material in order to save cost, these faucets maybe look big, but very light, they can't withstand the high water pressure and crack. 

You can't feel too much resistance when you turning the handle.

Water outlet:
Water outlet in the high position, it is very easy to fill water in the basin.

The most important part on faucet. The most widely used is ceramic cartridge. The best brand is Spanish SEDAL, Taiwan KCG, Zhuhai Mingshi.

Turning angle:
The 180กใ turning angle makes your operation very convenient.

pull out shower:
Effective diameter increased, sink can be filled in short time.

50cm is enough, you also can buy the 70cm in the market. Please don't buy the ones made by aluminium, if your hands get black stains when you hold the hose, it must be aluminium. Stainless steel wire doesn't have this problem. The best hose should be weaved by the 5 international standard stainless wires. The inner hose is made by EPDM, screw is produced by hot extrusion process, 4 mil thickness Nickel plated on appearance.

Shower hose:
Non-metal shower hose can avoid making a noise.

Prevent calcification system:
Shower head and the auto cleaning system have calcareous sediments also in the faucet. Integrated air cleaner can prevent the calcification inside the faucet.

Backflow preventer:
It prevents the dirt water backflow to the clear water hose. All products with backflow preventer have DVGM mark on the package.

You don't need to clean our fairshaped design faucet usually. Please don't use the detergent with the rough particles or nylon brush to clean the faucet. You should use the diluted shampoo or bath foam and soft cotton cloth to clean it. After cleaning, don't forget to dry it with dry soft cloth.

Stainless steel is sanitation and environmental friendly.  

Prevent calcification system lower the risk of leakage and handle damage.

Repair: There are very different due to the materials accessories are different. The repair work is very simple if you have the right accessories. A structure print will be very helpful.


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