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how to fix leaky led faucet?          
2011-10-08     www.led-faucet.com

sometime, we find the led faucet is leaking water,it not only wastes water but also makes a noise. In fact,the structure of led faucet is very simple, you can try to solve the problem by yourself. Normally, you just need to change the gasket. Before repairing, please close the led faucet master switch of your house.

If the leakage in the connection position, you should change the water tape as below:

A. Use a wrench to remove the faucet.

B. Wrap about 5-6 rounds water tape in thread position clockwise.

C. Assemble the faucet, open the master switch to check if the water still leaking.

If the water still leaking,

1. check the gasket. Damaged gasket causes leakage, you must change a new one.

2. check the tube connection position. Screw nut must be tightening or change a new U shape gasket.

Flow volume decreased, you should check if the leakage occurs. Normally, you doní»t need to turn the faucet too tight, gasket can service 7-8 years. But for the heat water faucet, we suggest to change gasket regularly.


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